Studio Art Classes

Where are the art classes located?

The art studio is located in Crown Heights, Brooklyn.

What ages are the classes for?

There are classes for boys and girls as well as adult classes. Boys, ages 6-12 Girls ages 6 & up.

How often and how long are classes?

Classes are once a week ,for one hour, for younger students and range from 1 1/2-2 hrs for high school students and adults.

What is the curriculum for the art classes?

Estee is a professional artist that has been teaching for 11+ years. The art classes are small, to allow each student to receive the individual attention needed to thrive. Estee's goal is for her students is to learn the fundamentals of art and develop an appreciation and understanding of all different styles, while cultivating their own unique talent and creative expression. The curriculum focuses on the fundamentals of art and developing technical skills by studying all mediums and styles, as well as an education in art history and the study of old and contemporary masters.

We are ready sign up! How can we do that?

We are so happy you have decided to join classes! You can fill out the Registration form Here. Sending in the registration form lets us know that you are interested but does not ensure a spot in the class. Classes fill up quickly and due to the limited amount of students per class, which ensures the most productive lessons, are not always available. You will be notified, upon receiving the registration form, if there is room in the classes. If the classes are full you have the option to be added to the wait list for the next semester.

What is the schedule for upcoming semester starting October 2021?

*Schedule is subject to change based on registration and demand.

Zoom Art Classes

We are happy to hear you are interested in online zoom art classes. Studio classes are now in session and zoom classes will be put on hold unless circumstances change due to Covid-19.We will be offering zoom classes for students out of town or unable to attend studio classes. If you are interested in a zoom class please contact us.