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About Estee


Were you ever drawn to something in particular as a child? Perhaps it was merely a spark of innocent curiosity at first, or a spirited fascination, or that special "something" to have found you.

For me, it was always art.

My formal exposure to art was minimal.  I educated myself by reading every art book available at my local library and spent endless hours observing- and immersed in art of every medium and style. I studied the old masters as well as contemporary artists the world over.  What remains the most fundamental element to my growth as an artist, is the openness to truly see; opening myself up to observe the most magical and truest form of art... nature and the world around us.

Time, patience, and a lot of practice allowed me to garner the skills to successfully render the visions I wished to share.  

The challenge and potential for growth are an integral part of what I love about being an artist.

There is no finale,  just a continuous, lifetime of observing, learning and improving as I enjoy each step of the journey. The possibilities are infinite!

My work is comprised of figurative compositions and portraits. I strive to capture the story, the emotions, the very soul and essence of the most fascinating and beautiful of all G-d’s creations: human beings. My fascination with humanity, based on my heritage and identity as a Jewish woman, is expressed in my paintings.   

As an artist, I have an inherent need to paint what I see; to bring the beauty that surrounds me to life; in color and form. Even more importantly, I want to share this with you. For what is art if it is not shared?

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