Custom Commissions


I would like to commission Estee to create a custom painting, how does the process work?

A custom commission is a very personal piece of art that will be cherished for a lifetime. Before accepting a commission Estee will determine if it is something that will fit her style as well as yours with the goal of creating the highest quality work that is loved by the client. If it is a portrait of a loved one that is deceased, the best option is to work from high-quality, photos. Estee prefers to meet people in real and do her own life studies before starting, if that is an option. She first begins with a design concept that is a combination of what your vision is and what she thinks would work best. It is important to trust the artist during this process, to allow for the proper creative flow that will make the final artwork a masterpiece! Before any work begins, you will approve the design, composition, color, medium & size. Estee takes you with her every step of the way so there are only pleasant surprises at the end:)

How long does it take?

Creating art is never a linear process. Estee is usually working on multiple commissions or projects. To ensure you receive your work as soon as possible, we recommend reaching out as soon as you can. An estimated time frame is usually around 2-4 weeks.

How does pricing work?

Price is dependent on many factors including the overall size of the comission, the subject matter... the medium. If you are interested in a price quote please contact Estee directly.

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